That’s So 90’s Quiz


That’s So 90’s Quiz



Which toy does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character vow to get his son in Jingle All the Way? You mean you don’t know?! What kind of millennial are you?

Round up your fellow ‘90s survivors and tell them to rev up their hippocampuses – it’s trivia time!

Bust out this deck of 1,000 questions for hours of ‘Don’t tell me, I know this one’-inducing fun.

This nostalgic trip down memory lane comes with everything you need to jog your adulthood-addled brains into remembering the best decade in history – from different ways to play suggested in the rulebook, to a purpose-made Spotify playlist for the ideal party vibes.

The only crap thing about the ‘90s was that the card game market hadn’t expanded far enough to include gems like this yet.

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